There are two remaining sets of MiurEssence unique raw castings available; if you are interested in purchasing one of the last two MiurEssence dry sump kits, please contact Scott Reid. Or, if you have questions regarding the dry sump system, the V12 valve springs, or would just like to talk with Scott about Miuras in general, don't hesitate to contact him via email at .................... or call 512-415-8253.

Valve Springs for Vintage Lamborghini V12 (24 Valve) Engines

Valve springs

These valve springs are manufactured in the USA with spring wire sourced from a premium USA supplier.


  • Combined Spring Test Load #1: 132.0 lbs at 1.380" (59.9 Kg at 35.05 mm) +/- 5%
  • Combined Spring Test Load #2: 233.0 lbs at 1.000" (105.8 Kg at 25.4 mm) +/- 5%
  • Resulting Spring Rate Approx: 265.8 lbs/in (4.75 Kg/mm)
  • Double shot peened for maximum fatigue life
  • Blue heat stress relieved after the shot peen operation
  • The outer spring material is ASTM A877 chrome silicon valve spring wire
  • Inner spring material of high tensile chrome silicon vanadium alloy (Since the inner spring is stressed higher, it has a stronger alloy material so that the fatigue life equals the outer spring.)
  • Inner and outer spring natural frequencies separated by 40 Hz to avoid harmonics issues
  • Direct replacement for original springs; fit factory heads with no machining or alterations
  • Fits the following Lamborghini V12's: 350 GT, 400 GT, Miura, Miura S, Miura SV, Islero, Espada, Jarama, early Countach (LP400)

Price for one set (24 each, inner and outer springs): $750.00 USD plus shipping.

For ordering details, please e-mail us your contact information and we will contact you shortly.

Note: Be sure to use camshaft break-in paste and motor oil that have adequate amounts of zinc dialkyl dithio phosphate, commonly called ZDP and/or ZDDP, to protect your camshaft lobes and followers. Insufficient amounts of ZDDP can cause camshaft failure on older engines. Mainstream oils in the USA do not have enough ZDDP for classic flat tappet engines. For detailed information about ZDDP in relation to camshaft wear, please review the Tech Briefs in the ZDDPlus website: