There are two remaining sets of MiurEssence unique raw castings available; if you are interested in purchasing one of the last two MiurEssence dry sump kits, please contact Scott Reid. Or, if you have questions regarding the dry sump system, the V12 valve springs, or would just like to talk with Scott about Miuras in general, don't hesitate to contact him via email at .................... or call 512-415-8253.

Advantages of the MiurEssence Dry Sump System

The Lamborghini Miura was conceptualized in a very short time by a handful of passionate individuals, working on their own time, and inspired by their love of fast cars. With strong public demand, the Miura was rushed to production without the testing and verification we have come to expect today. One byproduct was a flawed oiling system. Briefly, the problem is that, during moderate to extreme driving conditions, the oil sloshes in the shallow oil pan and the oil supply to the engine is interrupted. This causes extreme wear on the main rod and journal bearings. This problem is widely known and well documented in numerous places. In Joe Sackey's book, The Lamborghini Miura Bible, he quotes Anatoly Arutunoff, in part, "...Then I got a letter from the factory saying they would upgrade it (his Miura P400) to an 'S' for a fixed price, noting that the engines were only good for 40,000 miles!" Could that have been caused primarily by the oil supply issues?

The MiurEssence Dry Sump System provides the following advantages over the original Miura wet sump oiling system:

  • It sustains uninterrupted oil pressure under virtually all driving conditions.
  • The pan sits above the bottom of the frame (preventing potential bottoming damage).
  • Oil stays in the filters when the engine is turned off (quicker oil pressure at start-up).
  • An electric pre-oil creates oil pressure before start-up.
  • An external oil tank provides continuous oil supply.
  • The system uses standard "spin on" oil filters that are available at local auto parts stores.
  • A screen in the windage tray catches potential debris.
  • It works on both split sump and non-split sump engines.
  • This bolt-on kit requires no permanent modifications to your Miura or its original parts. (Original parts can be stored for potential future restoration to factory specs.)
  • An optional oil jet assembly provides pressurized oiling to the piston pins and gear train, camshaft sprocket gears, and transfer case gear train (especially beneficial for split sump applications).

The MiurEssence Dry Sump System will improve the durability of any Miura engine, partially offsetting the cost of the system through longer engine life. When your engine is removed for maintenance or rebuild is the ideal time to install the MiurEssence Dry Sump System.