There are two remaining sets of MiurEssence unique raw castings available; if you are interested in purchasing one of the last two MiurEssence dry sump kits, please contact Scott Reid. Or, if you have questions regarding the dry sump system, the V12 valve springs, or would just like to talk with Scott about Miuras in general, don't hesitate to contact him via email at .................... or call 512-415-8253.

The cure to Miura oiling issues

Pump and Filter Assembly    Filter and Pre-oil pump

The MiurEssence Dry Sump System cures all of the design flaws discussed in Journal Bearing Theory and Miura Oiling Issues. Instead of the "upside down" oil filter of the stock Miura, the MiurEssence system utilizes twin screw-on canister type filters which are mounted with the oil inlet and exit at the top, preventing gravity from draining the oil out after shutting off the engine. An added benefit is that these oil filters are readily available at local automotive parts stores. The dual filter system reduces the potential of oil bypassing the filter elements during high rpm operation, which is especially important for common sump (non-split sump) Miuras that carry transmission gear particles in the common oil supply.

Note: The MiurEssence Dry Sump System is independent of, and works equally well with the Miura split sump or common sump configuration.

Additionally, there is an electric pre-oiler which allows oil pressure to be built up prior to the engine being cranked over. This is especially beneficial for the first start after a lengthy time of inactivity.

System from Below   Pan inside view

The MiurEssence oil pan is a low profile design which sits well up within the frame, versus the original pan which sits lower in the chassis, or below the bottom of the frame on some modified versions. The MiurEssence pan has two major sumps and two mini-sumps which correspond to the four stage scavenge pump that is supplied with the system. The scavenge pump continually evacuates the oil from the engine and sends it to an external tank which has been designed to de-aerate and provide foam-free oil to the oil pump under severe driving conditions and cornering G forces. The scavenge pump is driven internally via the camshaft sprocket gear so that it does not require a drive belt. The 4 stage scavenge pump has more than 3 times the pumping volume of the pressure pump to ensure that oil is evacuated as soon as it drains down the engine to the oil pan sumps.

An optional feature of the MiurEssence Dry Sump System is the bolt-on oil jet system which cools the pistons and provides extra lubrication to the piston pins, the cam shaft drive gears and chains, and the post clutch transfer gear train.

The scavenge pump evacuates compression blow-by from the crankcase (providing a slight crankcase vacuum of about 3 psi at 1000 RPMs on Miura 3486), allowing for removal of the large oil separator casting that is normally installed at the end of the intake camshaft on the forward head. Potential combustion blow-by, above what is evacuated by the scavenge pump, escapes the crankcase, by way of a hose and a one-way check valve, to the external oil tank. The tank is then vented to the original road draft tube that runs through the right upper frame member.

Optional Piston and Gear Pressure Oilers    System Installed, Crank Case Evacuation

Pan Inside with Screen and Plumbing    External Oil Tank Parts