There are two remaining sets of MiurEssence unique raw castings available; if you are interested in purchasing one of the last two MiurEssence dry sump kits, please contact Scott Reid. Or, if you have questions regarding the dry sump system, the V12 valve springs, or would just like to talk with Scott about Miuras in general, don't hesitate to contact him via email at .................... or call 512-415-8253.

A Family Business

Scott Reid in his garage

MiurEssence was formed to design, manufacture, market, and distribute a dry sump system created exclusively for the Lamborghini Miura. Scott Reid is the designer and manufacturer of the dry sump system. Tricia Reid is chief financial officer, director of marketing, and office manager.

Owner/Designer Scott Reid was born with a passion for all things related to automobiles. From the early age of three, he could recognize the unique attributes of the various cars, enabling him to identify the make of virtually every car on the road in his native Dallas, Texas. By saving funds he earned from a childhood paper route, at the age of 15 while in the 9th grade, he purchased his first car, a 1940 Ford Coupe (which he still owns). He was specifically attracted to the '40 Ford coupe because of the flowing lines. He spent most of his high school free time and all of his paper route funds refurbishing and modifying his beloved '40. Realizing that he was developing an expensive hobby, Scott recognized the need for a well-paying career. With that in mind, he attended UT/Austin, earning his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in mechanical engineering. Scott was employed by IBM, for 32+ years in a variety of mechanical engineering and technical management positions.

All of Tricia's previous life experiences have prepared her for this endeavor. She appreciated automobiles from an early age, right at her dad's elbow when he changed the oil on his Volvo P1800. She has been a writer for a newspaper and then an administrative assistant for several years before she became a homemaker, rearing their two sons. During that time she worked out of her home managing a private trust. In her volunteer work she garnered vital experience as a publicity writer and chaired several fund-raising efforts. Tricia also has experience coordinating major three-day automobile club-related events. She is actively involved in lay leadership at her 4,500 member church. Tricia is a watercolorist, focusing on botanicals. Her artwork is displayed from the East Coast to the West Coast. Tricia is a member of Chapter HB, P.E.O., an organization which promotes educational opportunities for women.

Scott's fascination with the Lamborghini Miura began the first time he saw a photo of one. He was immediately attracted to the flowing lines, the exotic, dual overhead cam Weber carbureted, transverse mid-engine V-12 power train. From that moment he set about to possess one. In his free time Scott began to purchase Corvettes for restoration and resale. In addition, he modified a 1963 Corvette to compete in the F-gas class of NHRA drag racing, running a 12,000 rpm small block Chevrolet engine. All during this time he continued to pursue the dream of owning a Miura. He was finally able to purchase his dream car in 1981 from Fantasy Junction, which was located in Oakland, California, at that time. Scott recognized almost immediately that there was a design flaw in the oiling system which made the car lose oil pressure when cornering at moderate G loads. By 1986, the oil pressure was so eratic, the Miura was parked to preclude a catastrophic engine failure.

About 20 years passed before Scott finally got to work on fixing up his Miura. After researching the various ways others had attempted to correct the factory oiling problem, he decided to design and build a more elegant solution to the problem; a dry sump. One of the design goals was to create a solution that required no permanent modifications to his Miura, thereby maintaining its future resale potential as an original vehicle. The result is a bolt-on dry sump system that is installed without making permanent changes to the vehicle or to any of the factory parts that are removed during the upgrade. Factory parts can be saved and returned to the vehicle in 100% original condition, should one desire to do so.

With his MiurEssence Dry Sump System, Scott has designed a product that is as sleek as it is functional.

Scott's Miura