There are two remaining sets of MiurEssence unique raw castings available; if you are interested in purchasing one of the last two MiurEssence dry sump kits, please contact Scott Reid. Or, if you have questions regarding the dry sump system, the V12 valve springs, or would just like to talk with Scott about Miuras in general, don't hesitate to contact him via email at .................... or call 512-415-8253.

Base dry sump kit, $14,995. (Everything except the optional pressurized piston and gear oiler assembly.)

Optional pressurized piston/gear oiler assembly, $1,495.

The dry sump kit includes all parts needed to convert from wet sump to dry-sump, except for minor things needed to relocate the fuel line and anything that is in the space where the oil tank sits, plus any owner preference items such as the engine compartment oil pressure gauge and the power button and electrical wire for the pre-oil pump.

The kit was developed with P400 chassis 3486. Changes will most certainly be required to the scavenge hose routings for an SV, since the SV exhaust routing is different. Also, this system will not work on air conditioned Miuras unless the air conditioning components are relocated from the oil tank area. Scott is happy to work with any Miura owner to assess and attempt to solve any issues associated with implementing a MiurEssence dry sump system onto their car.

Lead time is a function of the time to machine and assemble the castings, manufacture other parts and assemble the complete kit.

Each system will be custom manufactured to order (Installation details). For additional information about the ordering, payment and delivery process, please contact Scott Reid via e-mail, (the preferred method), or by telephone at (512) 415-8253.